Early Hours

The sun is rising for Early Hours... South Africa’s youngest rising stars.

The band emerged out of the collective dream of three youngsters: Jake Bennett, Adam Rothschild and Benson Joubert. A dream to put their hearts into pop music, and share it with all the world.

The band's vibrant and spirited sound has been described as a unique blend of britpop and afrorock. They do not care what time of night or day, when inspiration strikes, they will see it through until the Early Hours.

The band rapidly rose to national prominence after winning Converse’s Get Out Of The Garage competition in 2014. International acclaim soon followed as they became the first South African artist to reach one million streams on a single track on SoundCloud. The band’s 2017 single “Smells Like Summer” reached #1 on the Indie Rock Chart on the popular music streaming platform. In addition to the above, their debut EP [released independently] has garnered over 5 million streams online.