Was at the club, all the girls them come to me and say they dey look for love...
And same thing with the boys all of them come and say them dey look for fun...
Rastaman why you doing like this, doing this shit and you calling for meeee....Rastaman why you going awayie!... Rastaman why you calling my phone.... On... Rastaman why you going away....yie!
Then I say: can you drop it down low? And slow down x3
bridge :
Yemisi, Gbenusi no be atenu
Slow down..
As you see, ask pricy no be atenu.. Slow down

Verse 2
Them be forming like a Rastaman ,all of them dey see me as a badder man...yea yeh! Alright!
Girls be looking at me all the time, some of them wanna be with me right now ... Way back, all night!

I'm blessed with my life.. Yes!
Thankful for family fuck the fake friends,
Chasing money all I see is pay check,
Dream chasing everything that's the latest.....
Can you drop it down low like a thunda,
Electric shock, ama fix you like rewire,
She be making Rastaman wn to dey spend cash,
Can you drop it down low baby lemme tap that yeh!

Repeat Bridge :

Verse 3
You know that I'm calling, you don't wanna answer me,
I've been calling all day, you dnt wanna answer me...
Me luv, me love Ya x3