Mgbachi Kingsley Nnamdi also known as DynamiQ is a young rapper that hails from Enugu,Nigeria but spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in Awka where he began rapping in class to impress his friends.
Never letting his dream fade,the 1996 born lyricist featured in his homie Vburst Wayz of Niggerz-2014 where he showcased his lyrical prowess at such a young age,since then,it has been features after features till he released his debut mixtape on October 2014 -STRICTLY HIPHOP a seven track mixtape.
His 2017 single SOS brought him into a broader limelight featuring powerhouse Vburst.
He just released his first single LET IT GO for this year 2018 and it's always what it is ,fiery bars over dope beats.Watch out for him.




Make Up

Let It Go