48 on ice

48 bottles on ice, am living the time of my life, savanna dark, give me some light, I wanna fuck the bitches tonight, Popping the ciroc, and sky Vodka X8

Verse 1
Rocking white shirt with a clean white pants, that's what you call some all white swagg, white all star clean as mean,smoking the kush an go high. Spending my money an living my life, 48 bottles on ice, I got 48 bottles on ice, I got my homies my nigga we living the life, DOG is a Bobby, when I get hold of the mic, shit is a murder, they loving my rhymes, go with the times, hottest nikka under the weather, many can't fuck with this, am a badass my nikka, I want rolex on my wrist be on time my nikka, am the leader of the old school but I still fuck with the new school, I run this shit from my from my own hood, can't change that shit even if I could, I still fuck with the O'Gs, got lotta a love for streets, so drink this liq an smoke in my chest, Hustle all night cos a nikka never rest..
Till fade