Underdawg(Anonymous Intro)

Anonymous AF

Underdawg(Anonymous Intro) (Prod. by Veixx Beats, A.Y.A)

Dogza Aries

Anonymous AF mixtape (2017)

D O G Z A, A R I E S
D O G Z A, A R I E S
D O G Z A, A R I E S
D O G Z A, A R I E S

Talented lil winner
Slaving all these lil niggas
Working like an Uber driver
Always deliver
I'm online now, gotta pickup
Working hard for my dibas
Extra time on the bars maine
Like they did to Madiba

Back then they was sleeping on us
Now they giving us brains man
If she say she don't swallow
Tell that bitch behave man

Give it to you straight
Don't care if you gay man
I'm a pro but still a kid
Graduated from layman

Get in terms with the terms bra
Dripping blood like a tampon
Sweat and tears I work hard
Indoors I work out
Nike Nike Nike, Nike.
That's what I'm working towards
Ain't nobody else like me
So you should like me forever more.

D O G Z A, A R I E S
D O G Z A, A R I E S
D O G Z A, A R I E S
D O G Z A, A R I E S

Mfana ogeza ngobisi lwenhlunu
Wenzamafilimu zonke iynsuku
Blew up like I got an erection
Grew up. Mina ngkhule ngenduku

That's why im good at dishing it out
Pick up the pieces of these women's hearts
Cause niggas just break them like they are some glass
A savage is cold and cooler than ice

Work for gold I make it mine
Ask no questions, waste no time
Grinding grinding grinding daily
Working hard to get the feddy
Dirty hands to feed my family
Tell all these promoters pay me

Jumping phases up on stages
Feel like Rownlene mixed with Nasty
Roll it up and then we blaze it
Hell's Kitchen, always baking

If you ain't getting commas, then your grammar is mistaken
I aint making errors, this the era of the baddies
If they look important bring those bitches to my section

For those who didn't know, my name is Dogza Aries.