Anonymous AF

Hallucinations (Prod. by Tokyo, A.Y.A)

Dogza Aries

Anonymous AF mixtape (2017)

Lost up in my brain, don't know what's going on
I'm hallucinating

Woke up in my dreams, I'm hallucinating
Bad bitch in my dream, she be fascinating
I started being romantic, she got fascinated
Instagram that pussy, lemme double tap it

Give that bitch a glass of water
I ain't paying for her drink
I'm lost up in her thoughts
I'm not the guy that she thinks

Don't give a fuck what she thinks
I know i sound a bit mean
It's not my intention
It's just this matter makes me angry

Tired of always taking chances
This true love they misinterpret
Savage in my genes. Papa was a G

Playing Angry Birds, Nokia 3310
You're my Candy Crush but I got over that
If you got some bullshit, best you keep it over there
I'm a Russian Bear bitch you're just a Belvedere


Windows of opportunity, i want mine aluminium
Tired of window shopping all this clothing I wanna buy now
I know you like how I sound now
How I know? You know I found out

You don't got loyalty
It's so embarrassing when people talk behind yourback
Because of something stupid that was done by your ex
That's just the part I shall never understand
But as we part I do hope we meet again

Here's a note right now
Let's season out the moisture
Let's reconcile and close off
Fuck you girl take your clothes off
Gih you a proper send off
Tired of going back and forth
It's boring like a chalkboard
I ain't gotta say more

Gold on nose, you snort snort
White substance you overdose
If you die I go ghost
Hiding from the popo
They goin claim i killed you
Cause I let you sniff the coco
But you're just a spoiled sport
Blesser got you spoiled rotten
Gucci bags and GStar hashtags
Oh my god you so raw

That's what you acting bad for
Giving up that good good
That's what you having sex for
Make sure you protect ho