2wo Minutes interlude

Anonymous AF

2wo Minutes interlude (Prod. by A.Y.A)

Dogza Aries

Anonymous AF mixtape (2017)

I'm losing respect for the people you people call idols though

Thats just a title though
They never play that role
What are they doing though?

Feeding us lies, quoting the bible
Recite it.
Addressing issues regarding where I'm residing
In a philosophical state my mind's in

I think too much
Please buy me lunch
Smoke in my lungs
Please buy me lungs

Buytshel ukuthi ngusnay
Game yakho yonke ngyaycava
Kumel uthole ipani
Usebenza ngaw usathane

Act like I love you, Menzi Ngubane
Cheating ain't even fair, it's not allowed
Stick by my side,try to figure me out
Wasting your time on a good looking watch

I'm a good looking guy
Changing the outlook
Do not care how it looks
Vibrations get me shook

All those who see got vision
Catching feelings been easy
Called her ass up for a quickie
I had deleted her digits
Saved em on a different piece of paper
So I know when she hits me
Got it popping in the DM
Possibilities infinite

Got her caught up in her feelings
Apologising every minute
For some shit that she didn't
I like it when She's a victim

I heard all your words
But your actions aint speaking
You just gave me your heart
All I needed was two minutes

I'm high, I'm thinking out loud I think
Yeah. That sounds right
I think I'm thinking out loud
Pardon me on my Ed Sheran
I just think I'm thinking out loud

Otherwise why would I be saying these things?
You know me, I'm not a open guy
I don't talk much, all about action
I don't discuss the deep stuff I think and feel
But Goddamn I'm on my savage mode right now bra
Issa two minute freestyle shandis by Dogza Aries. I'm certified satisfied bra

Not even apologetic no more
I hope you don't get offended by me
I'm just a young boy tryna find himself