Don't Worry

[Intro: Dj Speedsta]

Maybe every 4 bars I'mo get it
Can you turn me up in the headphones


I be getting mine, don't worry 'bout me suhn
I can get mine, don't worry 'bout me suhn
I be getting, getting, getting

[Verse 1: Kid X]

I'm the king of cool, Mr ain't got a thing to prove
A playboy with a pinch of Hugh
La sigijimisa imali from here to Timbaktu
You haters is built to lose
Ain't a thing you fools could do to dude
Xha sfika kushinxi ntuthu
Lana uyazi asiringi kakhul'
Tell a friend to bring a friend or two
I'll bring the booze and a few dudes to set the mood
I be getting mine
Tell a hater grab a number, you can get in line
Now we gettin high
Tell em fill my double cup put that nevermind
Okay maybe that Goose or Bombay
Till we get loose and obey
Everybody drinks in the house that's a rooftop party
She didn't know the dude is so Godly
I'm going in!


[Verse 2: Smashis]
You ain't got to ask who's cool in my city
See I"m one of the few dudes who are winning
The who's who we nice widdit
The boy Speddsta just coped the new coupe and I'm with him
The swag's out we usually stand out
In the city of the stars who knew that I'd fit in
S'fike singene clubbin nou asibuzi ukhuthi malini
You lames is haters, soon msun uzovuka use dustini
I go extra hard I got the devil in a dress tryna sex the god
I ain't tryna mess with ya'll
I'm a chess player
I only play the game when a check's involved
I go realler
"Cause I rap with the beat on my chest I Gorilla


[Bridge: Speedsta]

It's crazy man
It's like for the first time ever I know who I am
I know where we at and I can feel it
Forget the hype on Twitter
Forget any hype at all
That ish will kill you dog
It's safe to say for the first time I put my niggas on

[Verse 3: Psyfo]

Surprise surprise
You never thought I'd ever spit and that's what what
Think again
Psy I never fade I stay alive
It's the tap tap that makes niggas wanna get back on a track
Like this we do it for the raps no hits
We do it for the raps no diss
We do it for the raps no gimmicks
Get it