Songs of the soul

Songs of the soul (Prod. by Chef Dalasa)

Dinkie Manjati ft Prince Gemini

Songs of the soul (The Rednote) (2018)


Where do we go
For the right songs of the soul
I'm on my own
Oooohooh (x2)

[Verse 1]

His got me by the choke hold
Sometimes I try to breathe but ain't no living in the Bible
I hide behind these clothes just to keep up with the trouble
I sold my soul to people for the money and the travel
Only till this day I am hungry in the struggle
Sometimes I wish my daddy shoulda went and used a rubber
Sometimes I wish my mama was around to be a mother
To tell me son don't worry everything is gon' be better
Put her hand on my shoulder every night that I remember
I heard it all I heard these people only wanna dance
And only thing I ask for is to give me one chance
To pay attention it don't even cost a single rand
I can change your life I can make you understand
Wonder where we go for the music with the soul
These the songs we sing when we find I self alone

Where do we go
For the right songs of the soul

I'm on my own
Oooohooh (x2)

[Verse 2]

I give in to believers
You right
You right about the devil and you right about your Jesus
You right about the righteous path,you right about the sinners
What kills us is the Right,you're right,you never gon' be wrong
And when a person's right he's got that feeling so strong
He'll never stop to listen,starving for control
Losing their control as they put us on the roll
Resist the temptation of the beast,cease the risk
To be in church expect the devil he won't be intact
I always wanna rap and I wanna be the best
They rather hear me sing a gospel song and then I curse
I lose my composure and then I spit all the facts
A man will never change it is only an act
The target is the righteous ones like Job up in the Bible
Living our lives like we destined for this Babylon

Where do we go
For the right songs of the soul
I'm on own
Oooohooh (x2)