Dinkie Manjati


Dinkie is a South African rapper out of uMtata,Eastern Cape. In 2019 he became famous after the release of his single "Put Your Hands Up" produced by Tru Hitz,went viral in various media platforms. Real name Buntu Manjati,he was born April 30,1994 in uMtata. Growing up he spent alot of time with his single mother in uMtata before he moved to Durban at the age of (15) after her passing at a tender age of (58).

From a young age,Dinkie showed great interest in music. In an interview he revealed the beginning of his rap career started from innocently writing poetry,and the tragic loss of his mother escalated the poetry to hard rap bars "It was sort of the only form of therapy I could afford",he said.

The move to Durban in the year 2009 got him closer to inspirational figures such as Big Lu (Lungelo Gwala) who mentored him in improving his rap skills and stage presence. Other influential figures include ProKid, HHP, Phizolotion, Maxhoseni, Shon G, Moja Pooh, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Nasty C.

Early years of his life Dinkie spent in the village of Baziya,under the guidance of his uncle Saziso Manjati (late) and his five siblings Nonqabiseko (late), Somikazi (40), Thulani (late), Sabelo (33), Sanele (29) in the Eastern Cape.

Being raised by a single mother of (six) was not easy as to making ends meet from a minimum housekeepers wage. Dinkie never really interacted freely with other kids as his mother Ernestinah Manjati,kept a strict leash of "no friends" and only school matters. She was trying to protect her last born child as both of his bigger brothers grew up to be the baddest thugs in the neighbourhood, with a street cred that allowed Dinkie the respect from other known thugs in the neighbourhood- it was almost sure a thing Dinkie would take after his brothers.

Dinkie always saw himself making big money from music like rapper Lil Wayne and wanted to change the world like Tupac Shakur that he spent more and more time just writing poetry and music.


Issued on the Rising Sun and Queensburgh News (2018) and did his first radio interview on the commercial radio station iGagasi fm (2018)

And visual interview on Gospel Flex by Mfundo Dazzling (2018).

Dinkie began his achievements in (2012)- 1st place winner in the Annual English Festival Creative Writing Category.

He enrolled his primary education in Southernwood JSS in the city of uMtata and moved to Clairwood secondary school for his higher education in Durban.

He started rapping in (2009). Performing in public and thus shared the same love and mentorship to most of his friends in the music industry as he got from his mentors.

His music reflects the life of people living in informal settlements,poverty and the oppression of those with financial imbalance having to take all the garbage from the rich. Some of his singles include 'The Rednote'(Destroyed). 'Songs of the Soul" . and "The last Godfather"(2018)

Latest singles include: "Put Your Hands Up" (2019)


Dinkie's height is 176.4cm
Weighs 64kg with a net worth of R200k.
His rap skill has evolved drastically over the years with the evolution of rap/trap music and depicts a Jamaican raggae feel with the west coast ganster rap. His single "Put Your Hands Up" scooped up over 300k worth of followers across all media platforms.

He married his girlfriend of 3years Jodie Jeslyn Canham on June 29,2019.
Signed under and holds a stake in the record label PIMP RECORDS AND ENTERTAINMENT☆☆☆.

Artist Name : Dinkie

Real Name : Buntu Manjati

Birthday : April 30, 1994

Age : 26 years old

Place of birth: uMtata, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Zodiac sign : Taurus

Height : 176.4cm

Occupation : Musician

Genre(s) : Hiphop/Rap & Trap Raggae

Years Active : 2015-present

Networth : ZAR200k

Marriage(s) : Yes

Death-o-meter : Alive

ASSOCIATED ACTS: Blacksoul Siziba | Prince Gemini | Thubetainment | Sean san | Verge The Rapper | Young Naughty | Flex Musique | Lst Aour | Tru Hitz | SilasBeats | Gungi Beats | Secramento Bluez. . .









Songs of the soul (The Rednote)