Dinkie Manjati

Dinkie (born Buntu Manjati on 30 April 1994) is a hip hop artist based in Durban,KZN,South Africa.

Issued on the Rising Sun and Queensburgh News in less than two months,and did his first radio interview on the commercial radio station iGagasi fm, with only two singles out in 2018. Was called into the talk show Gospel Flex by Mfundo Dazzling,all through his poetic ability that have been the most beautiful shine in the 23 year old's career. Came out 1st place winner in the Annual English Festival during the year 2012 under categories of Creative Writing.

Originally Buntu Manjati,a last born of six children, son of Ernestina Manjati was born in the Eastern Cape in the year 1994 April 30. He enrolled his primary education in Southernwood JSS in the city of uMtata and moved to Clairwood secondary school for his higher education in Durban.

He started rapping in 2009 after the passing on of his mother,where poetry was just about the only way he could grieve with the loss,and not having no one to support the boy,he had to be strong and move on. Dinkie draws his influence from Lungelo Gwala who mentored him in 2010 in this rap industry,from the actor he gained confidence performing in public and thus shared the same love and mentorship to most of his friends in the music industry today.

His music reflects the life of people living in informal settlements,poverty and the oppression of those without financial balance having to take all the garbage from the rich. Some of his singles include 'The Rednote' . 'Songs of the Soul" . and "The last Godfather"(2018)





The Rappriest



Songs of the soul (The Rednote)