The Shamrock Silence

Let's go to Ireland
Where the shamrocks are cold
Let's agree to one fact
That Irishmen behead and eat their own women
Since 1920, when the roaring 20's has just begun
It's our third case using The Roast Game
St. Patrick isn't real
Just a lie
For real? Yeah!
Just a figment of your imagination
To distract them from the truth
Lies are used so equally now
We know clearly what they do.
Its a shame, but it's true
It's called the shamrock silence
Yeah yeah yeah
Called the shamrock silence
Oh, and it's quite a shocker
Yeah yeah yeah
Called the shamrock silence

See, see the gore across the floor
No, No, No, I can't stand it no more
How do they keep all their kitchen clean
When they have blood blood blood
Blood everywhere.