Jy Is Die Storm

Dewald Wasserfall put a new look on his third solo album which was released in August this year with a slightly less serious attack than he was known originally. This follows the successful heels of "Vergeet wat jy weet van liefde" and "Ek en Jy" which won a HuisgenootTempo, Ghoema and SAMA award. "You are the storm" is just like its predecessors the bearer of hope, but this time done in a much lighter note than usual...

...Dewald again wrote about half of the thirteen tracks on this album alone while the rest of it was written in collaboration with Johan Vorster and Christoph Kotze. The master guitarist, Danny Smoke directed the production, manufacturing and processing, while Murray Lubbe for the final mix of it was responsible. Juan Floors Oosthuizen, Richard Smoke, Vinnie Henrico, Brendan Ross, Elben Schutte and Mathys Maree is the much acclaimed musicians can be heard on "You're the Storm".

Although the album in terms of production in no way his two predecessors not have to stand back, one finds unfortunate impression that the remarkable depth of their lyrics surely places this missing. The lighter vein that follows should nevertheless this gravelly voice to ensure a new group of fans without completely alienating the fans of his deeper, more lyric-driven approach. "Jy is die storm" with its underlying theme of hope will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for anyone who has experienced dark and uncertain times in their personal and professional lives.