Good Look

Breakdown: His previous album Across The Line was released back in 2010, but three years later, Danny K is back with a brand new sound and is sounding better than ever! Danny also put his adorable pooch Banksy on the cover of the record instead of himself which has a lot of people talking! Oh, and tough luck if you want to buy this on iTunes though as the album hasn’t been uploaded yet. A Musica is your best bet.
Tracks We Didn’t Skip: I enjoyed 7 of the 11 tracks.
What I Liked: Danny K took a big time risk – and it worked! There have been so many local artists releasing incredible music and Danny knew he needed something new and fresh, and that’s exactly what he did with this album. It’s also refreshing to see an artist drawing inspiration from another artist they adore and that’s exactly what Danny K drew from Prince. Danny also challenged himself in studio by collaborating with the likes of Donald, Da L.E.S, Kabelo, Reason, Brickz and HHP. He pours his heart and soul into the record and has ultimately released the best record of his career so far.
What I Didn’t Like: The album’s theme is definitely that soulful, disco, R&B vibe but I wish he has at least one track like Music, his collaboration with Mandoza, on the record. A pop banger of sorts. The album tends to start sounding the same by the end so throwing in a track or two of a different genre would have kept my attention on the music for longer.
Best Track: Legendary The beat on Dance The Night Away kills but To Life is my favourite, along with Brown Eyes of course.


# Title Length
2 Feels Good to Me 4:37
4 Brown Eyes 3:54
6 Personal Paradise 4:42