Alpha and Omega

I am the Alpha, Am the Omega,
Niggas ain't better,

I am the Alpha, Am the Omega,
I got an medal

Verse 1
Bang-bang-bang now am hot in the flames,
I be feeling like I'll get the attention I need for days,
Rap politics is what I be part of man everyday,
Am so fly-I will be subjected to jet lag,
Everybody is having dreams-the pro'lem is now the cage,
Every chance I get a nigga be tryna meditate,
Subliminal shots they will never get you paid,
Amma take these niggas out and man its not a date,

Call ma fucken ass to the stage man I get high 'fore I go hard,
Sho 'nuff what I serve day in day out is more fly,
On grind 'fore I poke Budd' -scrutinise all 'em bold lines,
Get a G with a small brain that I'll boss around thass a dope mind,

Ma niggas they were always settled, until the East be fucked around with,
I pull out ma dick I say fuck what you say and man I ain't gonna use a gun chill,
Augustine told me that I kill, one of 'em nikkas I fucks with,
He gave me the motivation juss to drop a new release although I got cold Gz,

(Haaa)Important shit, Benedict's profile was my pic,
(Haaa)This ain't no clip,it shows that he got ma back on the streets,
(Yah)We all in it, but one is gonna get the hot piece, one is gonna get the hot piece call it monarchy cause I rule all the streets,

I am the Alpha, Am the Omega,
Niggas ain't better,

I am the Alpha, Am the Omega,
I got ma medal

Verse 2
Can I get a little bit o' piece of mind 'fore I energise all this mahfucken enterprises,
Never even once tried to multiply all the fucken lies that you told as a kinda lie,
Amma make sure that I get paid when I invade these rooms even in jail,
Pat a nigga's shoulder just in case that he feels dead the we move to another place,

OK look man-fuck bitches am in the zone,
Its high time that you stop this clone won't stop now till I get it on,

OK look then-I want me some fucking dome, Sim X do you get it on we'll step it up if you check on chrome,

I be popping out like wind chime,
Skinny deepy ass so I ain't gong front,
Pull a nigga out from his backpipe,
Bang bang bang thass your cake up,

Silly dirty fakers from the back yard,
We don't even take ya like serious,
Disappearing from the fucking radia,
Rolling up now with the city up,

Call up a hommie from East for the stage,
Running the hood and man that's not a phase,
Tapping it out like for real in this age,
Ma niggas are on it, it's rise of the apes,

City is fine and am giving it all,
Taking baby steps I ain't gonna hold,
Fuck up a nigga with ollo his hoes,
I pray that you die so I can give it all,