Freedom Of The Hypnotized Mind


Inhaling smoke from a pot of Cole, Getting motivated,not high
Like new generation of rappers, glorifying drugs
Thugs roaming freely among us, glorified,certified criminals
In tailor made suits,working the country's finances
Making the youth fall prey to internships so they cast votes
Quotes rappers - claim they relate to the situation we in
What's wrong with the world we live in?Huh
Black lack unity that's the reason white exploit us
They divided and conquered us
Made us our own enemies, interpersonal confliction
Conviction of our ancestors left meaningless
You settle for less,that's why question a Black man's riches
But praise a white man,oh man
Easily put a knife in your brother's back
Zombified,terrified,hypnotized people in their own land


Open y'all eyes pupil focus with your iris
Don't be fooled,all politicians are cut from the same cloth
Woven with deceit
We ain't free yet 'til all is black-owned