Re blomme 're chitse 're easy
Le boliqour bo buya I got weed
We turn up all day like the weekend
Ntwana bela banyana ba fihle
X 2

I got a table full of bottles nigger ain't no freebies
All my goons got my back nigger Sefagile
banyana in Bikinis oh Lord Sefagile
Spliffing on those purple leaves nigger sefagile

Verse 1 (Lyrical Ray )

Ooh yeah
I get it I get it
Let me swerve
I fill up the table
It's OK shoddy don't be faithful
Sip and sip it's what paid
Just do you shady man am grateful
Am sipping splifing coughing paper
I need no free beez
Call up your friends
I have got friends too
No affection
party party we be flexing
Bby mama please relax
they are on friend zone
I will call you later
When I get home
Let me get dow
Soon I will be rocking. On radios
Am the hottest they already know
Am that one kid they ain't ready for


Verse 2 (CzAr)
Everytime I roll up on the scene they know it's over
I aint never gonna lie never ever I'm never sober
Ngudu in my right hand
A cigie on my left hand
A bad bad bae on my lap Sefagile
I'm spliffing I'm sipping I'm faded I'm gone
We turn up from noon all the way to the dawn
manyora ba gona I'm never alone
Leaning hard on that D sprite
I know it's wrong but it feels right
Daddy cool with a light skinned swag
Touche well the boy don't care
Never ever really

Verse 3 (Colimag)

Lets pour up
roll up
jay so loud so we bout to zone out
whole squad work hard
so we bout to blow quap

shawty came with her clique and no money for drinks
wana sip on ma gin
let it drip on her lips
she dont talk with her lips
man she talk with her hips
how she dance on the floor she like talking to me

and she dont lie
she a freak i can tell how she go down
man she twerk like she work in a strip club
got me phining dat ass and i told her

ima beat it and beat it on sofas
they gon know us
we the realest we poppin like sodas
go in circles round niggaz like donuts
sefagile tell haters cant join us