Pull Ah

Pull Ah (Prod. by crownedYung)


Before777 (2017)


Oh yeah

{Verse One}
..I just made myself another wave, You dug yourself another grave..
I don't drink my liquor with a chase,
Lil bitch tryna put me in a maze..
Lil bitch been tryna get a play, Weak bitch needs to go and get a Play..
Maybe then I'll give her ass a play,
crownedYung...rep Select Play..
Fans can't wait for the drop,
Tick tock goes the clock on my glock..
Fienda shoot through the booth 'til I pop,
I don't scoop up the bitch she gon' knock..
When I open the door it's time to handle,
Make a motherfucker hold a candle..
I don't give a fuck Zulu Randall, I'm a beast I'm a dog I'm a vandal..
Bass knock a hitta clean out his sandals,
Make you look at me a different angle..
Fucks to give - my dick got ample,
As for me as in me I've got zilch..
'cause too many people squares on a quilt,
Cut your ass of quick no guilt..
Swear I always do what I pleases,
So they're tryna bandwagon my genius..

Please get out my space,
Stay telling lies to my face..
See when they realize you're great,
All they wanna do is hate..
They pull up on you they pull up on you,
They pull up on you they pull up on you..

{Verse 2}
I hit a six first impression,
Make her go "Bi-" from "Lesbian"..
Tell her play 'play ya roll' like a thespian,
She don't give me love and affection..
If she don't fuck good did I mention,
She gotta see the door..
She gotta see the exit,
Then it's on to the next chick..