Break your bottle

Oga boss
Maka why!?
Na only you!??
Go relax!
Though we know say na your time!
But for now.......
Chill pill

Your hands are tight
And all you have is not even enough
You've got plans for this and that
A massive project is on ground
What you what is called your Precious
What you need is what you call your Treasures
When you give your Precious....
You receive more treasures
When you give more Precious
You receive more Treasures

Oyaaa.....break your bottle
Give your Precious!
When you give your Precious
You receive More Treasures
Verse 2: you go go party, you go dey show, you go pass the street,you go dey pose
You go form like say you be the boss. Number 1,in the World
You see people in abject poverty and Penury,you say people are too lazy and cannot think,but we know say anything and everything wey you get na from Baba Godii eee