Rain Drops

Rain Drops


Singles (2017)


[Verse 1]

Yeah I'm back to telling stories
Fuck the phonies
You know I'm gon' record this
Your league is novice
Your bitches know this
Rap is my life it's not a hobby
Their fingers click
They gonna copy
I pull the glock nobody stop me
I'm a problem nobody solve me
I started this to finish
I'll never vanish
I started this to win it
And then I owned it
I'm a man on a mission
Cooking rhymes in a kitchen
I done murder them niggas
That's a felony nigga
I wouldn't dig your rhymes
Even if they were mine
I started this shit even before I was nine
You wouldn't really like me if I showed these lines
Matter of fact, fly a jet
We're all ready, we got senses
Take a trip, to your future
Take a picture, work so hard
Think so hard, like this life
I'm so hard, weed so loud
Same frequency, we connect
Mary Jane keeps me sane

[Verse 2]
Yeah I'm the nigga yeah you're scared of me
Don't you call my phone I'll be out of reach
Tryna get my shit I be outchea reach
Don't you call my phone
Yeah find me in my zone
Man I wanna go home
Missing family I'm lonely
We've been drinking all night man
Fuck that I got hype man
I'm apple man I'm about I man
You should see the shit you got eyes man
But if you're iced man, you can't break first
I rap this once and it sound rehearsed
I done prove to those who lend their ear
That I'm half the sum of all their best

Yeah it's ConwaySA
Yeah Name This the EP is coming out soon
Stay tuned. It's ConwaySA
Shout out to the team by the way