16 (Acapella)

Ey! Relax and lemme drop a killer 16 for y'all
I'm just tired of niggas trippin' man, thinking we jokes and shit
Lemme show you wassup nigg'

(Verse 1)
They making noises like the hooter man
Actin' like bitches, when they with girls I'm askin' who da' man?
You demand bars from a nigga like he sellin' booze
1 guy, I pull so much triggers, enough to threaten crews

You bet then lose if you claiming that I'll be gettin' twos
You settin' rules and they shit, you probably trappin' bulls
Bullshit nigga, lines more than hot but you glad to risk
Cypher on repeat like a motherfucker just scratched a disc

No pun intended, but I comfort your souls
I'm like a striker with this motherfucking effort for goals
Your women love me, I don't have the time to fuck all your girls
I'm 16 and I don't sell a rhyme but killings I serve

I've been a king lad and been killing like Bin Laden
Rappin, been the best underrated shit that I've led in
Rap is sex, the beat is a condom, I did it Raw dawg
But then I started rappin' and Smackdown is what they saw dawg!

Who the best, in GY tongue I need an answer
Your girl seen more cum than a motherfucking pornstar
Damn! I use this flow when I'm in rich mode
Bars That Sell, know these lil' niggas gon' reach gold

Rich acapella kills groups like Steve Komphela
Claim you heading to the top but you shoot like striker, Mphela
I'm flowing to the top you decide if a hike don't matter
Rewrite, recite this shit to insure that I cypher better

Listen. Did I say 16 bars? Ooh I meant 20 something
Flow cold like Ice Cubes, you'd think I'm ballin' straight in Compton
In Accounting we spoke about calculatin' mark up
Took the knowledge, calculated bars so that I never fuck up

Did I say 20 something, came up with like 30 flows
50 be 100 with his chick, he cuffin' many hoes
I'd probably kill you with the lines and legendary flows
I kill all these bitches, niggas left with cemetery hoes.

Before I burn this fucking filter nigga