(Comfort YH)
At 38 momma laid her eyes to the youngins
With the biggest smile on her face
That's the reason for this muscle, they fantasizing, we shining
You can say it's vital we make it

'Coz we working more than the miners
Rap and y'all undermine us
But momma taught me well about that, I'm sure you define us
As History, like flood of 2000 my nigga they could feel it
YH and 50 had come to earth and was in to kill it

In to kill it, kidding, we was always scared of just fighting
But we had all the bars for the case
When we was eight we never knew it was 'bout the Hip Hop Or Nothing
Till we listened to Lil Wayne, understand me

And never thought they would love us
But trust me we didn't care,
And never thought we'd be rapping till we were 17 years.
And now your heart is filled with all the pain and all the regret,
And you remember all the times you laughed when we started to rap.

(Comfort YH)
Well we was, just 11
The instrumental was detrimental
'Coz before we knew it man all the rapping was sentimental
Need parental guidance to take you back to how life was
Sinful manners rising, we let em out like the cyphers

Let em out and it's awful, momma
Realising that all the rapping is all for momma
Emphasising how agonising the game is
The heart is black
One thing we learnt from father is loving momma
Yeah I'm loving momma

Whatever happened to love given cause you just deserve it
Telling stories 'bout this life, now tell me if it's really worth it
Sometimes we get confused 'bout what it's all about
'Coz we can rap and do the talk, so is it really all about it?

It's crazy how we have these friends, can't live without a blunt
And how we ain't sucked into that life, it is hard figure out.
And how we want to the live the fast life, everyday we growing up.
The passion never dying, reason why we'll soon be blowing up.

(Comfort YH and 4tune)
We know these niggas are hating it
How we are closer to making it
We know we started from bottom and rose to the top
And the gift is amazing, yeah

Nigga we gained all the fans
We prolly' the most famous twins in Giyani man
We have all the fans, we also the most famous twins in Malamulele

Check out the levels and see
Your friend is a fan
Just check out the levels for me
And don't be offended
Your friend is a fan
Your man is a fan
Just check out the levels and please
Just be a fan