Chris Chameleon

Innovative, prolific and endlessly creative, Chris Chameleon has become known in South Africa and abroad as a musical phenomenon. With a style all of his own, irresistible stage personality and a reputation for mesmerizing audiences with his four-octave voice and vocal acrobatics, his exceptional talent has won him rave reviews and numerous awards over the past 6 years. Awards include two South African Music Awards (SAMAs) and a Medal of Honour from the South African Academy of Science and Arts.

In 1997, Chris Chameleon became the bassist and front man of Boo!, an eclectic musical threesome which has since acquired a worldwide cult following. In its first 7 years of existence, Boo! performed over 800 shows in 17 countries, including Hungary, Croatia and 14 states in the USA. Boo! performed at many European and American music festivals with, among others, the White Stripes, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Franz Ferdinand, Cypress Hill and Coldplay. The band also received a South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Pop Album in 2002.