Verse 1
(Ricky boy)
My lines keeping me safe now
I have Lotta niggahs like a page now
Since 17 I got no team when you trynna skeem I'm an El now
Chilli boy what a vibe now
When I'm on stage I put hands up
Izinj zam ngyaz spensela
Feel me now
Hate me now
Coz when I'm up there you can feel the vibe
Touch the sky X2
When you touch the sky you can see the star
Lot of these niggahs they thought I was whack
How can you rate without putting in a track
How many tracks have you topped the game
How many people have called you the best
How many niggahs can dab with your tracks

This shit got my price tag
Like a fast track
a daily Concert
Follow me on instagram
When I follow back, I can't text back
Hold with it
Chill with me
Lesley girl keep it real with me
Before winning
Before leaning
None of these niggas were friends with me

Sisters and brothers are praying for this vibe
it's hard to stay low when you reach number one
How many people are feeling this Vibe X2
Everything you need I get it easy alright
I been an uncle chilling with abashan
Before 26 I make sure that I shine
I make sure that I get a new wife

I got the Vibe and High life
Yall bring sweat like a sunshine
This is my time
This my vibe
How I do broh I'm damn fine
No element, I'm independent
Yall selling wacks, I'm over that
Still pranking girls for the fact is that
I don't date no blacks
Only colord vet
On 26 I'm dropping an album you gotta wait for that.

Man I am feeling my vibe,
year ,
feeling my vibe,×2
Man I am feeling my vibe,
feeling my vibe,×2

Verse 02
THE clique you claim nigga is westside,
when we ride"
come & equibbed with game nigga,
you claim to be a player but
I was fuck you bitch nigggA×2
we keep on commin'
we runnin' for the jewels,
steady gunnin'
keep on bustin at them fools"
you know
the rules call me
if you won'it I'm gona make it for you,
around with real g's Quick to snatch the streets,
nigga you know it on for life, nigga we high
I'm feeling this vibe×2, give me a paper & pen,
so can i write my life of sen ,
A couple bottle of a gin,
in a case i don't get in

Man I am feeling my vibe,
feeling my vibe,×2
Boi I been feeling the vibe,×2

Man I am feeling my vibe,
Feeling my vibe,×2
Boi I been feeling the vibe,×2