[Chad da Don]
Just to see the watch glow, spent a lot of dough
Had her screaming out OH when she saw the dro
way to fly I don't know where we stand
And to be cool with me you gotta smoke a hundred grand
Just to set it off you know me I light it up
Homeys say they the truth but they can't lie enough
Big blunt in amy hand and I ain't high enough
Your name thinking that he dope but he ain't fly as us
Shorty say the feeling different every time she rock with us
Guess this shit is too appealing when you fly as fuck
Guaranteed to feel it if the boy start it up
Need that Rolle on my arm before my time is up
So I grind smarter I'm working that grind harder
Take care of my mama, mama know I would die for her
I thought that they were loyal, I tatted it on my arm
I gave you the most, you doubted me all along
You gon need a lesson to teach you from right or wrong
I kill you in a second, same way I do all these songs
Every time you sit down just know that the time ticks
I would never miss a click, like an HD pic
We built it from the bottom up, paid for the brick
So unlike you fuck boys you just pay for your clicks
Touch down, new state, new city, new bae
Bust out, new fade, who with me, toupee
It got nothing to do with me but you two-faced
And I don't fuck with these homeys so I ain't too fazed
When fucking with me! It could go two ways
I either take it straight or let her pack her suitcase
All white T same colour as her tooth paste
Gotta brush my teeth, keep it clean after two days
Gotta keep it true with it, two chains
They call me chad but I'm the don I got two names

Catch me Friday pull up at my local
When it's EVT I go to coco
I'm not tryna get caught by the popo
But when they smell that loud it's that dope though
Can't believe what all of it come to
If my homeys run through we gon bust moves
Cops catch you with the dope they gon cuff you
But I'm still blowing loud yelling fuck you
Can't believe what all of it come to
If my homeys run through we gon bust moves
Cops catch you with the dope they gon cuff you
But I'm still blowing loud yelling fuck you

I say this disrespectfully, definitely
I'm from CPT what you expect from me
I looked up to Ready D and ouens who were legendary
Now I toe tag emcees and send them to the cemetary
Destruction is the appetite, disaster is the recipe
Feel the intensity, 'cause I don't show no empathy
Y Gen's the entity, the components we combine
Are explosive like chemistry and blow like south westerlies
The winds of change are coming from the West Kaap
But fuck with the Rottweiler, do not press pause
You and the money deserve each other, you counterfeit
I'm shaking hands with crime lords and I'm proud of it
This accent is mine, I don't fabricate it
You comment on it and you get your let amputated
Every bar's a dumb-bell, so you have to weigh it
This rap game's becoming overly saturated
There's honesty in my music and I don't wanna lie
It's supper time and I'm serving guys the humble pie
Fuck a train I'm on the railway running lines
You act surprised that I'm grimy for a coloured guy
Your music so sweet, you're like a pop sickle
I'm trying to get this white girl
I told her I know Rock and Roll
I saw the whole design long ago, I'm like The Oracle
Everything is optional and nothing is impossible
My bars are abominable, kicking it like Arsenal
Flyer than the cardinals, you'll find me at the carnival
You can call me Wyclef, I'm taller than your triceps
Fucking up your thought process like it's mind sex
Set the mood, El Fuego keep the candles lit
My life's a screen play, my lyrics are the manuscript
This verse will leave rappers on their back in the ambulance
I need a punching bag, you looking like a candidate
Now where the bars at, I'm looking for the hard raps
I wrote this verse when Chad recovered from the car crash
He showed me that anyone can overcome adversity
We do it for the underground but represent commercially
But fuck it, while I'm here I'm gonna stunt
If I don't then go broke,
I'm gonna rob the Waterfront VNA right there
I used to fight fair 'til you woke up to South Africa's worst nightmare
I wanted to be American and never use my slang
Now I'm scary like the motherfucking boogieman
I can take you anywhere, just like and Uber can
And bring it back like a fucking boomerang
Kaap Staad, Naaier