Savages Only

I'm feeling like 21 Savage (21)
Alla my bitchz is leverage (bitch)
Alla you niggas average (nah)
Sāàhit is real like my bad bitch (bad)
Gold Wrist but I ain't rich (wrist)
I want that Money like bad bitch (cash)
Drip in you bitch like water (ay)
I fuck your bitch and your daughter (ey)
Rolling with Savages only (Savages)
Feeling like 21 Savage (21)
Rolling with Savages only (Savages)
Feeling like 21 Savage (21)
(Savages Only)x6

[Verse 1]
Feeling like 21 Savage
Evetyime I pull up issa damage(bow)
Y'all nigaas y'all ain't even average(no)
But you know my b is leverage (yeah)
Pray to god to save your soul nigga
From the heat (hit) by a giant
Some trending with the songs they stole
I dnt F wif that cazz I'm Savage shii
Drip in your b like water (Drip)
Did the shit you never tot of (I did it)
Living like there's no tomorrow (ow)
Your model be wanting a phooto (flash)
Arhh shii
I get the bag (I get It)
I know you mad (I know)
For no reason
Fvck that
Get to the bag


[Verse 2]
Rolling with savages only
And don't ever act like you know me
Your girl maybe knows me
We pull up in her room we zoning
She sucked me so good and rid it like it was stolen
That pussy I own it.
I f her once
She was asking for more
I'm sorry
But I had to give her some more
And don't get me wrong
Nigga Your girl been hungry for too long
She was like Jay I'm gon miss you when you gone
Im sorry had to say this shit on a song
Ain't tryna gain no points nigga
I'm just feeling like a savage
You should know I don't roll wif lame niggas
Man you gotta be a savage
Lame nigga
Im On top of I'my shit I be getting a crib
If u Bitting my shit you be getting a whip
Maan man I'm feeling like


Feeling like a savage nigga
You know I'm a savage nigga