I’m out here grinding with majita
Grinding with majita
Money! Getting Money, man!
Ooh ngwanyana bella mpinji tsao (Ngwanyana bella mpinji tsao)
Baby mthebelele

Abo ringa more, phumakim’ (Lothle ga le nchune niks)
Mr know-it-all, phumakim’ (Lothle ga le nchune niks)
All you thirsty girls, phumakim’ (Lothle ga le nchune niks mare xho le ringa ma ada)
You twitter thugs, phumakim’ (Lothle ga le nchune niks mare xho le ringa ma ada)

Life has been a bliss since the mainstream caught on
I’m looking at her physique thinking ey she’s the bomb
A few months ago she called me a lame nigga
Now she can’t wait to tell her friends that I came with her
Even forgot she was hating on me
She don’t know her ABCs so I gave her the D
She ain’t know Amanda Du Pont, she ain’t tailored for me
Cause I only fuck with women that’s as famous as me

Ubani ubozza la eKaslam? Me
Uzophelu moya ungaphak’ la

Ne ba di bala ke matsipa
We told them to bump the cheese up
Cocker ntshiza be ba kutsa
Be re tailor re re...


I told my story and made a fortune
AKA’s favourite rapper
I guess I made it on the Forbes list
You kinda sorta
No matter what they order
Ha ke sa tseiwa light
Ga ke complexion ya ga Mshoza
It’s funny when the Twelebs get to actin like Celebs
Used to get frustrated now all I do is get cash
Ga ke s’buye sa lona jy kaan sommer voetsek
Claming you’re real, you’re little for that
Biki baka ska tlisa makgakga
Mpinji tsaka ke bone ba itseng tsothle dijiti tsaka
Skeem ha’a
Nna le wena ha re di thaka
Change down go kgotlha sedidi saka


The hype is crazy they asking me where the album at
Put out 2 singles that made niggas push their albums back
She said she was on the way but that was about an hour back
I had her butt naked in the pool like where the towel at
Properly I devoured that
I shouldn’t be that far from it
How could it be that honesty really saved me from poverty
Thank God
I’m just going through metamorphosis
From chilling on corners to corner offices