In Rainy Days

In Rainy Days (Prod. by Capital G!)

Capital G

In Rainy Days (2016)

So you're burning up and life ain't what it used to be
And what used to be is no more.
And you can't see, the sun's so heavy in your eyes
And you're wondering what you gon' find
In rainy days (×8)


You fear, that this isn't what it was meant to be
That someone should've told you to hold your breath and made it clear
That while you hold your breath make sure you never drop a tear
'Cause if you drop a tear then you dissolve in all your fears
Absorbed by the ocean of confusion you've been swimming in
And swallowed by darkness of the world that you've been living
Someone pricked holes in this airbag you're breathing in
Screaming out for help you wonder if anybody's listening
You're boiling up, you wanna evaporate and so you're smoking hard
'Cause life is like a penis, you're a virgin, it's poking hard
Haters will be out there looking at you with a solid eye
Hoping you don't make it, did you see them? Well, so did I
It's crazy how these people will be all up in your success
Feel like you could tell 'em "wait nigga, please sidestep "
And right before you say it you look up and see the grey clouds
Just try to make it home before the rain starts


(I can think of a lot of things, so now)
I'm thinking 'bout a girl who lost a child
A child she conceived when she too was just a child
I'm thinking 'bout the pain that she feels
The sorrow of dealing with such a loss and it kills
The Baby Daddy Drama, baby daddy don't care not
Mind full of suicidal menagano fela
Face full of tears, fragile heart full of anger
Full of regret, why the fuck d'you let him enter?
He never really looked like he would care for you, did he?
But everytime he hit it he'd tell you he feel you deeply
You even had to remind him to call you weekly
You can't give up on him, you love him but he's filthy
It's crazy cause you know his heart is far, from you
He's got other girls to worry about apart from you
And your days are getting dark, grey clouds
Just try to make it home before the rain starts.