Life Or Death

Bridge :

It's a game of dice,
You cannot live twice,
You only live once,
Life Or Death
You gotta choose, between the Two !
If you out here ready to,
Move, groove, get loose, forget who's who,
Let me hear you say , YEAH!-

Verse 1 :

As I Step in a party scene,
ever since, I sin, I see.
Screw up with the crew, get it litty
and repeat, repeat.
we ain't stopping till late.
lately, it's night till morning.
Live the life of the party,
on a daily, daily, daily.
we touch down in your spot,
with some dope whipped from the north.
Searching for ways in your block,
To cause a hood massacre So.
Wake, bake,everyday,
hustling in the city.
Stay up till it's late everyday,
grinding in towns, we in the building.
my verse off the hook stay shook ,
wondering, The thundering,
for this gaming is not playing.
Stay praying Bulky Bulk on the way,
fakes will be fading. Fade, fade, fade.
All you hate, hate, hate.
Player haters close your mouth and get out,
Greater lovers listen up,
And gain some street unknown knowledge,
All the shit you talking is my shit,
If is fly shit, classic, dope graphic, any MASS subject,
I'm buzzing and thugging in here,
Whipping and dripping in here,
Young black entrepreneur,
Got all the industry in fear,
Dear , you better hear what I hear,
Say what I say, than you wouldn't be here,
Prolly on planet mars or Jupiter not somewhere near,
Out of the planet, here, I paint the picture clear

Coda :

BULK Requiem are you choosing Life Or Death.
Life Or Death ×2
You gotta choose, between the Two !