Brook :

Verse :

Hearing a jam,
Wondering who's who,
Too many crooks,
In the industry got me shock,
There you have a brook with no hook,
I won't sue, if I hear this verse from you,
Imitate the move and pass it on too your crew,
Feed your gang my news, oh oh ou
Feed your gang my truths, oh oh ou
I thought you knew,
The brand new me I'm used too,
The brand new me, get use to it,
I brook in the field,I operate,
Get a taste, pass the test,
Stay bless, yes!
I'm feeling myself ×2,
I'm about to talk too myself,
I speak, have great words to spit,
Listen to me in my freedom of speech,
When the song gets in,
I freak in the spot I'm rocking in,
Would you say my act is real or show biz,
I got many mc's,
Cease and desist,
With my highly advance confident skills,
It is by killing lames vibes and hypes,
Destroying the beat behind the Mic,
Stealing the show in any gig tonight,
You know why bulk?
You know why you would wanna do that BULK,
You a runner Bulk, Perfect answer BULK,
Run your marathon BULK,
Heavily run em up,
Run em up ×2
Bulky run em up,
With the loads and stuff, WHAT !

Bragging Rights :

Verse :

I deserve a bragging rights,
For my graveyard shift,
Morning shift till evening shift,
Tour road program can't be ditch,
Tomorrow I'm hulk Hogan the stage is my ring,
Rappers with the game are married,
Ama grab your hip hop bitch,
And she will request a divorce after the wedding,
I fucked hip hop, now you fuck with me ,
I made hip hop fall inlove with me,
Rock with me, BR effect wave Godly,
Saying it Boldly,
Young legend and I'm Congolese,
Bragging Right sound so mean,
Sound so me, let it live,
I pay the cost too be bossing,
Flossing, east coast thing,
We beasting, bulking,
Holy shit,
About to go Brazy on the field,
When I pitch,
I start saucin ',
My sophisticated drip is what I'm lost in.
I deserve a bragging rights ×4
For what things that cost me right,
Yeah right,
You lost me right,
You can't find me right,
Bragging Right ×4
I'm ayt.