Street Life :

Verse :

Re introduction from esco,
Going raw for a decade or so,
Baking the show, special flow is 64,
Shine and glow, get out my dick so,
I can cook crack on the track and watch it mix slow,
Building this rhymes from the floor,
Taking bars to bars to the top,
Hardcore lyrics you've never heard from a rapper before,
Player hater I bomb,
As I be blowing on set , c4, tik-Tok ,
Get money , make money,
That's why we here for,
More money, More money,
No we can't stand broke,
Take it from the pro,
My honest counsel,
Young fellas get that doe,
Get plenty more, but never loose control,
Back 2 back in the hustle we can't pause,
Game muscle steady grow,
I'm back cause I'm about more and more,
get it litty and repeat,
Abracadabra I turn myself into a chief,
Don't Fuck with fake bodies, only the real.

Bridge :

Seems like the street life suddenly happen to me,
I did jot happen to it,
Seemingly saying,
I couldn't ridicule it, ridicule it,
It's natural timing,
Purpose forcing,
It happen purposely.

New Beginning :

Verse :

Get too the deep waters and dive,
It's a new day, it's a new life,
It's a blue day, accept the new life,
It can be a struggle sometime,
But you gotta try and try hard,
Too keep your head above,
Make sure you don't drown,
Survive the new life,
Start the new life,
Cold lonely nights,
Could be very dark,
Stay strong till dawn,
Hold on, morning will come,
Joy comes in the morning,
You get a new life will,
When the sun start shinning,
We will find the light,
And shine and shine,
Bright like a diam,
Brighter than the morning star ×4.

Double Speak :

Bridge :

Ce deux langues encore ×4

Refrain :

deux langues, pour le kon, ×2
Encore, Encore, oui Encore
Je vais en sauvage, dommage,
pour Le Dollar , fromage
dans mon équipage.
Ons Marchés sage.
Ons marché sagement,
Ce le seul et unique Bulk Seulement.
Entré de élevé votre sentiment
Une nouveau niveau

Buckle up, feel bulk bar.
Taking you on a boulevard, with a sport car.
Enjoy my g ride,
I as rough rider.
I go, I grow, I show,
foe, hoes, doe, is so motivational.
f truth be known,
most success is build in multitude of failures.
If you don't know,
you should have known,
I learned too multiply in the mist of Chaos.
Cork suckers mad cause I blew, niggas envious,
Too many niggas with they crew trynna play with us,
But they can't bust, my mass destruction c4 crashes,
Motherfuckerz ashes too ashes dust to dust.
In God we trust, till the game is on lock.