Mix Record

Mix Record

Steady Living :

Pre chorus :

Gotta get it ×2
There's victory to win,
We don't quit,
No, no loosing, 
We dislike failing, 
Winning we choosing, 
So we steady living, living,
In this life gaming, 
We go and get it ×2

Chorus :

Steady living maximizing, 
Reallready for racing, 
Accelerating, fast pacing, 
The jury is checking me,
Steady living ×2
Check my driving, 
Maximizing, I be like a car, just speeding, 
Please don't judge me bye, bye

Verse :

Delete my Art, You'll Deplete my heart.
The Coldest under the sun,
With sub zero vibe, oh yeah
I bring the freeze & shine ,
Cutting Long story short,
As I blow, for money, cars & clothes.
The Lifestyle it's anonymous,
Affiliated by streets dealers notorious,
Poisonous & Poisonous direction,
Following my path tells me you hazardous,
It ain't Hard too tell,
I go hard in the kitchen fire of hell,
Well, All my goons, my boon too you,
Is God too Grant you wisdom , bountiful.
Get Money till you full,
Call for more orders of beer until you full,
Drunk full, drink until you feel brand New.