Bae Interlude_Inspiration

Bae Interlude_Inspiration (Prod. by Braces 97)

Braces 97

TWENTY ONE Mixtape (2017)


Braces 97
Bae Interlude_Inspiration Lyrics
Part I:Bae Interlude
[Verse 1]
She say DAMN
I never Felt This Way
I needed someone
Like you Boy
For Real?
I mean What Should I Say?
You a Brown Ass Nigga
White ass Nigga
Girl you on some
Racing staff
You need to Lay Down
What The Fuck?
Are you High Right now?
Pause,Shawty I think
You got a Sauce,huh
Shawty I think you
Got a sauce,Huh
I ride for my Babe
Take a bullet for my babe
Grew up with My Niggas
Like I ride For my niggas
I do it For my people
I guess they are really Happy
Man For the Love Though x2
[Verse 2]
I can't Believe that
I Found you
Girl I really Love You
Found Your Heart
On your Birthday
Its a blessing in a disguise
Our Relationship is
Gift from God
Everyday I Talk to God
To save What we Have
I know We had to
Go through some things
That involves our parents
But you remained Strong
Followed your Heart
Truly I also Did So
Remember your sister
Telling you
They are building something
Strong for us
And Here we are together
Loving and fucking each other
Like no should mind that
Hold up Bae x2
She need that Kay'kay
Part II:Inspiration
[Verse 3]
Am 20 Now Believe That
Vicinity Got Me Waking
You Got Your City
Behind your Back
The Business see
You as an Outcome
The industry see
You as an income
That's a vice versa
I mean The best new comer
Actually Am the best Freshmen
Look,I came up
Started Writing Raps
When I was 10
I came huge Like a Beast
They say too many fishes in the sea
I say too many players in the game,we are
connected to the EA
And Left The Sea that's a game Fam
We are connected to the EA and left the sea
That's a Game Fam
Yeah,I feel Like I got something for you Men
Like I gotta spit some hot bars but
I feel like I have to go nicely & smoothly on
this one,yeah
[Verse 4:]
If It wasn't Pac
Who will it Be?
Biggie? Hell Naw
It's Pac Thou
Matter of Fact I Move Like A Prince
Settling In Through some Rap Battles to be a
Naw I mean Like Muthafuckas Be Crazy
Men,So like they be saying Braces you are
Lazy, and Okay!
I'mma drop 2 Projects
What you excepting from Me Muthafuckas?
So like you gotta listen bro
My inspiration comes from Pac,My
inspiration comes from my bro,So like
If I gotta Do This shit,and Tell who is the
king in this Game
I Ain't gonna say Nasty I ain't gonna say A-
I Ain't gonna say nobody
Damn,I feel like Am moving in
Am settling in to be a King
So like This Hip Hop thing men,Was born
Because of Pac bro
It's your opinion either you say Biggie or
what bro
So like Pac Is my inspiration
Whether the nigga was giving you A Message
or What bro
I feel like he is the best bro so Like Yah