Hey Wena(Ae Wena)

Huh,Hey Tswak-Kid
Heh,Le Majita
ASAP Castro
Reborn EP
Hey Wena
Dj Half Jack Records

[Verse 1: Braces 97]
I'm The Sweetest Champ
Y'all Can Call me Wilson
Hit Punches non-Stop you Would
Swear I'm Mike Tison
I Can Take Tools And Roll With
'Em in The Road
Kante Didn't They Tell You
Castro Drives A hummer
Hot As A season Your Bitch
Call Me Summer
Nigga You Need A tooth-Brush To Colgate
Entlek Ekare Y'all taking me for
Granted Sassa
I Can Rap Until Go Fitlha Massa
This is Real Talent Not something
You Take away like Packet Ya chips
(Ae Wena)
Spitter Than Killers
The Flow Is Hitler
Bigger Than Deeper
My Brothers Keeper
Trilla Get Dealer
My Nigga with A Trigger
Hey Wena Ketla O shapa
Hey Wena Ska Phapha
Hey Wena Nex Mapha
Hey Wena Thatha

[Chorus: Tswak-Kid] x4
Ae Hey Wena (Hey Wena)
Ey Hey Wena (Hey Wena)

[Verse 2: Braces 97]
I'm a Star baby Make A wish
They say Money Grow on Trees
That's Ya Bish
Hey Wena My Verses Got Em
Rehearses to the purses
I'm so sick Damn I need a Nurse
I Remain In a Greenhouse Gas
Even I Die In It homie we
Can Exchange places
You Can be Mahala But Don't Hala me
Just Say Hey Wena
Girl I'm Not Your Type Player
No Pena
I'm serious Dawg wena
Ska sena
I'm not a toilet I don't give a shit
Same Goes to the Rumours
Hey Wena shut up Before I shoot
You Like Zuma
Before You Talk about me
Keep smiling and Talk
I'm Ready To tell a Nigga Fuck
Choppa In the Car And Aint
Even Metthew(Huh)
You Niggas Aint getting
Paid like You work for Zuma's Nephew
I Play My Game Cool
No X-Box In It

[Chorus: Tswak-Kid] x4
Ae Hey Wena (Hey wena)
Ey Hey Wena (Hey Wena)