Old Heads

Who’s making music for the old heads anymore?   Most of the people that know me will be quick to let you know on my opinion on so called “Old Hip Hop Heads” aka “Staunch Heads” aka “the old guys who are too negative to appreciate anything new and are stuck in the past”. The rise of mumble rap has had these old heads foaming at the mouth with hate, which got me thinking, is there NO artist at all making music for the old heads these days??   No doubt that the South African hip hop scene is flourishing right now. If the gram is anything to go by, we can safely assume that... more

Collaboration of the Year

  We love collaborations. There is something powerful about a meeting of the minds, a collision of ideas like whenever Popeye and Spinach collaborate, it becomes like magic. We recently had a great collaborative album release from AKA and Anatii, the lyrics of which can be found here: BCWYWF but we'd also like to tell you about our own collaboration that we are highly excited about, which is a collaboration between Bimba Lyrics and Mzansi Music Book.   Mzansi Music Book has been serving South African Lyrics on Facebook for years now... more

Rest In Peace Ray Phiri!

South African music legend and former Stimela frontman Ray Phiri has died at the age of 70. [video:] Phiri's family has confirmed the news on Wednesday morning. [video:] He had been battling lung cancer and was being treated at a Nelspruit hospital when he passed away in the early hours of this morning. [video:] Social Media messages of condolences have been circulated.

Direct Song Uploads now a reality!

A whole lot of requests and links  So we thought, "Why not!" So... you've been sending us a lot of emails about uploading your songs directly on Bimba, and guess what? We've heard your requests. Our offering has now been extended to include direct song uploading to Bimba.  A feature that's been long requested by you, the fans and artists who use this platform.  Now, instead of hosting your song on a different platform from Bimba, you can have your songs and lyrics in one reliable, market relevant and accessible... more

Who did it best?

Who's Fooling Who? It's a widely accepted phenomenon that musicians from time to time borrow inspiration from each other to recreate magic. As seen and heard in much of hiphop. It basically is an art-form riddled with samples of other genres and many other pop culture influences. Even Nas once accused Jay Z of bitting his work to which Jigga replied, "Yeah you made it a hot line, I made it a hot song." Sampling in hiphop is acceptable but bitting is severely frowned upon.  Every once in a while a disgruntled somebody will accuse a fellow musician of bitting them as was seen... more

OppiKoppi and Rocking The Daisies: Line-Up

2017 is the years for great things. The 2 biggest festivals in the country have annouced that they not only will be taking place the same weekend, but are combining powers to form one big bad superpower experience!! Whooop! OPPI LINE-UP!! Steyn Entertainment on Tuesday morning announced that Rocking the Daisies Music and Lifestyle Festival will be collaborating with OppiKoppi for the 2017 event, ahead of the festival’s 12 year anniversary. Not only are they to share the weekend, but they will share headline acts as well!!  So, there you go. Plans for the mega... more

What Happened To Afro-Pop?

There was a time in South Africa, where all you'd hear was a slowed down soothing Afro soulful song bumping through speakers of various taxis, radio stations and events. That time was when musicians like Mafikizolo, Malaika, Ntando with mega award winning hits like Dali Wam, Robbie Malinga Mafikizolo     Robbie Malinga all seemed to be coming together to form an incredible movement which seems to have, for lack of a better phrase, gone with the wind. It... more

100 Greatest South African Songs (TimesLive)

Blues for a hip king: Abdullah Ibrahim (1975) This hypnotic masterpiece capped off a three-year hot streak for the "brother with perfect timing". No flashiness here - only meditation. It's an ambient waltz, with shape-shifting tremolo organ chords in a cyclical mantra. Basil Coetzee lays out a saxophone solo of such painful beauty that Drum's jazz critic Joe Thloloe considered his playing to be "better than on the gold disc winner Mannenberg". For me, it's the series of precise variations in tempo across the nine minutes: cycles of rejuvenation and subtle drama. Timing is everything. -... more

Nasty at the NickFest

  It’s already been a good year so far for Nasty C with the MetroFM Awards nomination and it just keeps on getting better. The young rapper was announced as one of the performers for the upcoming NickFest in March. Nasty C Set To Perform At The NickFest. Nasty C will be performing on the NickFest stage and he’s the only rapper announced as a performer so far. Each artist will perform with two sets every day on the central stage. Nickelodeon, in conjunction with Glen21 Entertainment and KinderJoy, is hosting the second edition of NickFest, one of South Africa’s biggest family-... more

Cool Summer Vibes

It seems like it's finally the year that Jo'burg gets a dope cool summer outdoor concert vibe with the introduction of Large on the Lawn, a summer concert series featuring some of South Africa's best-known live music acts. Large on the Lawn will feature Jeremy Loop and Matthew Mole and will take place this Sunday, January 29, at Golden Harvest Park in Northgate. A second scheduled show will be on the 26th of February featuring Jack Parrow and Van coke Cartel. For more details visit

Metro Fm Awards 2017 - What's Next?

In November 2016 The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) radio station METRO FM, announced the launch of the 16th METRO FM Music Awards (MMA’s).  The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on Saturday, the 25th of February 2017 at the iNkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban. Last years' event was spectacular albeit riddled with conspiracies and drama regarding categories, nominations and awards buying. This year, we hope, it will be no different. Drama is life. The 16th edition of the Metro FM Music Awards is themed ‘What’s Next Is All... more

Face Tattoo?

We've seen it from a gang load of American Artists, The Game, Birdman, Lil' Wayne and a host of many other artsits. Artists tattoo all kinds of things on their faces, butterflies, teardrops reflecting the number of kills or murders committed as part of a gang and who can forget the legendary ice cream tattoo by Gucci Mane, huh? brrrr So it seems now this trend has caught up to South African rappers, most SA rappers don't even mess with tattooes like American rappers but Emtee, the Matatiela born award winning Emcee has decided to put a whole entire cross across his face. Could he not have... more