Blanka Mazimela

Blanka Mazimela is an Eastern Cape born artist who was raised in Cape Town.
Blanka’s passion for music was noted at a very early age and the desire to pursue his dream came later on when he met Ryan Murgatroyd, who not only became his mentor but his inspiration and influence.
He was also highly influenced by his father’s diverse music taste as well as his eldest brother’s love for house music.
His love for house music evolved when he was introduced to vinyl, a self taught DJ, Blanka surprisingly found self discipline in the art of DJying, a motivation that has kept him going up until now.
With so many music influences, Blanka became obsessed with finding his own unique sound which will not only separate him from the rest, but also send his message to the world.
A sharing person by nature, he found it important to share the knowledge that he gained from his experiences in working with Ryan with other up and coming future DJs.
Now a Head Music Production Lecturer at SCIM, Blanka has gone to collaborate with Crazy Whiteboy with a song called Inthombi which is featured in their latest album.
Recently, he released a single under F! Records called ‘Together’ featuring Namibian born Forever’s man.
With his passion, love and dedication to the art, he is a massive force to be reckoned with.



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