[Intro: K-Ci & JoJo]
Just like a birdie
I just wanna fly free
And own a piece of land
Somewhere, somewhere off in the country
Oh, oh yeah, listen

[Verse 1]
Aah, Yeah, Life, Aah
As the wind blows, slowly the pain grows
Soon as the rain goes
I'm searching for the rainbow
And if I say so
Was raised by an angel
I grew up
Got my own place but we stayed close
Ma wish I could have you back for a day yo
Suicidal thoughts, I'm thinking
What should I stay for?
Okay Lord
Tell me please
What should I pray for?
Hey Lord
This is my life not a game yo
I had a fight with life
My ass took a beating
Death came calling and my mom took the meeting
The bible, tells me
I gotta keep believing
But tragedy makes it hard to keep believing what I'm reading
On the surface I'm breathing but my insides are bleeding
And God knows I'm trying not to speak like a heathen
Gather yourself Lesego, gather yourself
You're gonna have to conquer
This is the battle itself
The tragedy, the tabloids, the baby mama drama
Won't break me my principles, I'm staying with my honour
I think about life when I'm chilling at the diner
And the stress give me headaches
Feel like an old timer

[Hook (x2): K-Ci & JoJo]
How did I get life (life, life)
Tell me, yeah (life, life)
Life life, life life

[Verse 2]
When a beat breaks I'm thinking for Pete's sake
God would you please take this pain from me today
And yet they keep saying boy get on your knees and pray
Don't keep it a secret
Tell me what you see, mate
What's a young brother to do
Big brother acting a fool
It's like he's missing a screw
Had enough of this dude
Mama, we falling apart
Tell me what we gon do
And I'm still fighting for the baby with you know who
How did I get life in a life that robbed you of life
And if I die tonight will I die with this view of life
I'm living life still deciding what to do with Christ
They say in the dark times he shines through the light
Life is hard, but we fighting hard
We still believe Christ is God, despite the odds
And I speak the truth every time the mic is on
A little, bit of peace is what I'm fighting for

[Hook (x3): K-Ci & JoJo]
How did I get life (life, life)
Tell me, yeah (life, life)
Life life, life life