No Rush

No rush yeah yeah
There's so many girls in the club
On a Friday night with their hands in the air
They feeling my muasic
Everybody's trying to get close to me

So this' how it feels
when you're living like you're supposed to be
No rush, I'm in no rush
I tell them hold up, 'cause I'm in no rush
Sip slow, I'm in no rush

[Verse 1: Priddy Ugly]
Slow up, I ain't in no rush
But I'm kinda feeling your touch
You got that fire in your
I'm not tryna be your crush
Let's get high and we can smoke up
Kinda fly I need a close-up
I got a wife I need to show love
She inspired me to blow up
I'm in dire need to go
First my money need to grow up
Man your diamonds need to glow up
Your designer need to show up
Man my vibe La Vida Loca
You got, that's why we got the soda
My nigga finally got the small cup
I'll be, I'll be patient
I'm just tryna make my statement
While I'm stationed on this spaceship
Lowkey, lowkey, lowkey faded
Slow your guages
Order aces or some spaces
All the same snow we'll make it
I'm in no rush


[Verse 2: Bigstar]
No rush, I'm in no rush
All of these bottles here ofr us
Everybody in the party for us
See you can take your time with it
Just don't talk about your problems
Nigga don't talk about your problems
'Cause we gon have do solve ya
Keep it like yay yay yay yay
Keep it turning everyday
This lifestyle rocking gold chains
But I'm still that nigga from the way
You should come to where I stay
East side where my men
I got all my niggas here with me
And we ain't going anywhere
Galileo Galileo, I got Priddy Ugly, Frank Casino
Mixed with a nigga from Kempton
We gon make your shorty hit the D note
I made the shorty hit the D note
Yellow bone so I be no


[Verse 3: Frank Casino]
We gon take our time tonight
We gon take this thing that you see to new heights
You gon bring your frineds that my friends like
Looking for some interest that you might find
'Cause I been patient, yeah
I've got a spot the same for you
Let's just fake it, yeah
I think it's time you made that move
I've been waitin yeah, please just know that's rare
Time moves far so yeah, been on the road all year
With the squad, oh yeah
Ignore the rumours that you hear
If they ain't comin outta here
It's all vapours, never clear
Oh yeah, treat that tree slow
You ain't gotta worry there's more
Nights like these are never enough
We still here baby don't rush, no rush