[Intro: Zoocci Coke Dope]
A lot of smoke in my eyes
Man I'm floating on a kush cloud
New house new couch
Why you acting brand new now
This shit got me so high
Man I don't know what to do now
I got weed I got flavour
Shit we all higher than the Himalayas

[Hook: Zoocci Coke Dope]
Different bitches, different flavours
We not running out of flavour
Different bitches, different flavour
We not running out of flavour
I'm talking all night bottle popping nigga where are you
Roll it up and light it up until my face is blue
Watch out where you stepping homey
'Cause these shoes are new
Kick you out the party bruh
If you act a fool

[Verse 1: Bigstar]
Kick you out the party, killa, don't you
Get me on my price until, I flow
Touche, I got a couple broads on the hooptee there
On a Tuesday, pumping Lupe, sipping Goose ey
Something like a father figure
Even had a smart shorty singing
Eh papaoutai
Not right now, I'm high right now
Not many smiles from the top right now
I got too many haters to block out now
I got too many favours to reconcile
Too many flavours to pick one out, cash flow
Ke tswhere stocko sa lekgoa, I'm irrational
I'm the type to eat a full plate and still ask for more
Pass the dough, pass the trees, pass the roll
I pass it all to cassanova, the class is over
Not too many niggas bumping this recorder
Recording us so you can just bash the flow
Passional, classical
This how I gon have you feeling magical
Besides, your girl impractical
Baby ain't nobody tell you you the brightest girl
January to December every weekend I remember was a movie
Different flavour different groupies
Got your hunnie dippin', skinny dippin'
While I'm dip my toes at the edge of the pool ey
Mess around and act a fool ey
We gon kick you out and keep it moving
Kick you out and keep it moving

[Hook: Zoocci Coke Dope]

[Verse 2: Reason]
Am I really that important
Damn, I must be looking gorgeous
All these bitches that was fronting on me
Now be all around me like a fortress
Used to say I can't afford it
Now they telling me to hit them back
Off of my dick like a foreskin
Now she out here asking me
Yo what happened with Tumi?
What happened with Tumi is the same thing that's happening to me
We went and got boujee
We went from the Js and the Timbs
To wanting that Gucci, Armani profusely
To signing my own cheques on my own desk
But the difference is crucial
The niggas I move with the niggas I grew and I blew with
The niggas he roll with
Was tryna take food from the people I cook and I chew with
And that's just some true shit
I gave them their credit and that was the end of the movie
I don't wanna do this
What happened with Ricky is the story that happens in music
What happened to me!!?
I swallowed my pride, digested it
And got on my own shit
Now I'm flowing out an ocean
Making magic, I'm the portion
Tellin you I never found love
On the jets, I'm taking off bitch
On the jets, I'm taking off yes
On the jets, I'm taking off
Bitches wanna get a portion
Of course it's all because Bigstar dropped all these

[Hook: Zoocci Coke Dope]