BigStar Johnson

Coming from a musical background, Bigstar Johnson, real name Tumelo Rakumako always knew that a life in music was his destiny. The first time Tumelo got a taste of the stage was in 2003 where he entered a talent competition in his school with a group of his friends, where they rapped and came out second place. Tumelo spent most of his high school years focused on musical theater where he harnessed and developed his passion for the arts. Early 2007 he embarked on the journey of learning multiple instruments, including drums, keyboard, bass guitar and even a little acoustic guitar.

It wasn’t until he went to Monash University of South Africa where he met with a female Indie artist Lilly Million that his instrumental skills were show cased for the first time as he became the drummer for the band “Lilly Million & P91”. Bigstar Johnson came to life in 2012 where Tumelo decided to embark on his solo career as a rapper. Bigstar Johnson describes his role in the rap game as the MC who will fuse good music with good lyricism.