Bang Bang

Bang Bang (Prod. by AOS)

Big Smoke ft Lil Sushi x Steez

Big Smoke Singles (20162017)

Smokey my name Im killing this game
Why you so lame Cause im all about the fame
Im full of hate I determine your fate
I never had a Scooby snack
But I had a six pack
Tapping her ass Its feeling so fake
Its feeling so fake I'm at the lake
Floating on a boat Writing the notes give me a point I will give you a joint they say I'm so neat but I never had meat I'm with my team and we straight up winning shout out to taffy shout to the Steez shout to the owes where the hoe's this is no joke no time to poke.
I'm sitting and watching my wrist I swear this bars have no twist ohhk when I saw your face I thought I was in space I guess that my glory I hope you get the story so please just call me pokey cause I'm chilling lowkey but my name is smokey