rebound strike

SONG NAME : REBOUND STRIKE |prod by berry|
Been a long time coming ... u see it's reality again ..
No turning back .. I am about to strike again..
Don't get confused this who I am now
Berrytherapper Sitting on top again and again and again ..
Feel the sound
Crowd yelling my name
Yeah it feels good
Its a Rebound strike
Feel the sound
Crowd yelling my name
Feels good
Yeah its a Rebound strike
Once upon a time like many say
I used to think what to say
When I m around pple, kept myself at bay
Damn I so nervy
Ooh yeah when I kept calm ,I felt crazy
Doing my thing ,my pockets getting heavy
I m the change
Like a lion ,I was locked in a cage
Now putting my staff on page
My staff got success tag
I m the light
Got Droid telling me to keep security tight For we catch flight after flight
So I got myself, on this one
Got the beat before dawn,yeah its a big one
Always in time cool it seems
Shout out to mama u know how it feels
I dropping punchlines,yeah all my dreams
From toe to toe
Thats what I m in line for
Listen to the sound of my soul
Yeah listen to the sound
Take it to the world
Raw punchlines being said
I don't find it hard
e lines rolling like my bank card
Ooh yeah we set for tonight
Hey we got it right
I don't get it wrong
Won the game umm strong

/Verse 3 /
U happy to see me in jail
Smile whenever I fail
Gotta try put my name on map
It's all about a special envoy
Pray to God before a nap
I be doing business on camp
All done got success stamp
I remember when nigga looked down on me
Used to cry sometimes
Felt like the struggle was designed for me
Regretted being a black man sometimes
Didn't understand why our block
Was such a tough place
On my block it was a race
I fought made it to the top
Been hard but finally dope
Heavenly father ,saved my soul
You,Lord provided the goal
Am I wrong ? To say I made it
Pay attention I gonna take you for lectures
Until u buy it
Tryin forget past fears
Bad days rolled ...had sleepless nights
friends.. brothers died left so fast
The past life had me worried, tears
On my face in peace to all brothers who passed away ... u are never over

Produced by berrytherapper

Droid Village Empire