Cavendish Square

Think a little, think a lot
Meditate on what you've got
Keep it cappuccino
Keep it cool
Keep it bergamot

Move to another place
Trying to feel the same way
Get a sense of history
Bring me back some Earl Grey

Exonym, endonym
Meditate on what you say
Pour a cup of Ceylon
For the headache from your Bombay (Sapphire)

Cavendish and Cabernet
Not a fan of rosé
Would it still smell as sweet
Called by another name?

You can rely on me
To give you all my protection
From all the things you see
In your young imagination

You can rely on me
For an interpretation
Of all your troubled dreams
I'll come running when you call

Subequator, submarine
Every day you message me
Through the fiber optic
With a coat of polyethylene

Live a life of luxury
Had a beamer and a beeb
Now I got an Audi TT and a Galaxy

808, 909
2010, you were mine
2014 drinking a caraffe of white wine

That was now, this is then
Dolce vita, la Boheme
Carpe diem, c'est la vie
I just go on drinking tea


You got lost in the V&A
You couldn't find any Claude Monet
You get your basics at Pick 'n Pay
And get the rest at Woolworths
'Weave the sunlight in your hair'
Take the lift and I'll take the stairs
If you get lost in Cavendish Square
You can rely on me