Cape To Rio

She went from Cape to Cairo
I went from Cape to Rio
She drinks her Tanqueray
But it's Mainstay for me-o

My heart and soul are hardened
I built the Hanging Gardens
I let my tears flow
I let my tears flow


Don't say my song's too slow!
Don't talk cause you don't know
The place I come from is a place you never go

No no it's not enough
I want more of this bitter stuff
You'll see me haggard as I stagger down the hall

I try to understand her
Outside on the blue veranda
When she feels pleasure
It's a measure of my worth

They say never say never
But my name's Nebuchadnezzar
And I'll never let it go
I'll never let it go



She makes the feeling purer
With a dash of Angostura
I've learned the art
Of being everywhere at once

I built the Cape to Cairo
I drank the Cape to Rio
I died an emperor
And came back as a griot