All About Me

You know it's all about me
I cannot even explain
All the images in my brain
It's like pleasure but it's like pain

La la la la me
I drive myself insane
Looking into the window pane
I see my own face, so vain
You know it's all about me

I'm not an adventurer
Unless the map's a mirror
I always fall for myself
I fall into the river

I'm shrouded in mystery
Nobody understands me
Oh do you see what I see
Under the frangipane


I had an afternoon nap
Then I had a panic attack
I changed my profile picture
Then later I changed it back

Driving down the avenue
The shadows are long and blue
On the edge of something new
In my BMW


I'm a narcissist
I'm impressionist
I'm an imagist
I'm an egotist
I'm an idiot
I'm a perfectionist