The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg

In 2010, Matthew won a scholarship to the Berklee school of music where he invested himself in Jazz guitar studies, as well as in the music of Igor Stravinsky. During this year's hiatus, Robin and Ross became immensely interested in the electronic music of Bjork, J Dilla, James Blake and The Knife, as well as South African house artists DJ Clock, Professor, Big Nuz, Black Coffee and Culoe De Song. Robin and Ross spent this year immersing themselves in Ableton Live and Logic Pro which would subsequently influence the band's approach to music production. Ross had begun focusing on 20th Century classical and avant-garde music as well as early electronic music, which would later inform his own electro-acoustic compositions, as well as his approach to the band's self-production.

Regrouping in 2011, the band set to work on the single 'Echoes' which would blend their new influences and mark a new direction in their career. The single, posted on Soundcloud, caught the attention of Universal Music SA A&R Neil Sinclair, who approached the band with a deal.

This led to the band's recording towards 'The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg'. The record label had heard of the band's interest in South African House and inquired whether they would be open to collaborating with a DJ. DJ Clock came up as an opportunity and the band jumped at the chance to work with him. Beatenberg flew to Joburg to meet DJ Clock at his home studio and share with him a demo called 'Wishing Well'. DJ Clock felt there was nothing he could contribute to the song and so it was decided that an original song would be written from scratch. The next day Matthew began writing the song which would become 'Pluto (Remember You)'. The entire track was recorded and produced in a day with the band rushing to catch their flight at the end of the session. The song 'Pluto (Remember You)' was subsequently nominated for 'Song of the year' at the MTV Africa Music Awards as well as securing the #1 position on most of South Africa's premier radio stations and racking up the most national airplay for 13 consecutive weeks. The song 'Wishing Well' would subsequently be re-recorded as 'Rafael' as the lead single from 'The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg'.

Beatenberg's second album, The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg, was released on the Universal South Africa label.