Beatenberg is a South African pop band formed in Cape Town, South Africa in 2008. The band is made up of songwriter Matthew Field (lead vocals, guitar), Ross Dorkin (bass) and Robin Brink (drums). Beatenberg became famous in their home-country with their chart topping single 'Pluto (Remember You)', a collaboration with renowned house producer DJ Clock. The group is known for its style of pop that is influenced by jazz, classical, world and electronic music.

The single 'Pluto (Remember You)' was the #1 most popular song on South African radio for over 15 consecutive weeks in 2014.

Matthew Field and Robin Brink met in high school and began playing together in their final year. The pair set out to perform Matthew's pop songs in the style of drum'n'bass, jazz fusion and other electronic music they had been listening to. In the following year Matthew met Ross Dorkin, studying music at the University of Cape Town music school.