I Need You

You know the way things are happening
It's starting to defeate the purpose to this rapp thing so i like to take this time out to send a shout out to all the gees who are using the music to make a difference and to the rest father forgive em for they know not what they are doing

Verse 1:BarMan
So how long wiil it take a don't know any more
all a know is am hungry would u give me some more
Take ma song put it on a speaker play it some more a been gone for so long would u open the door
give me a beat ama reck it up
dish it for me ama chuck it up
stack it up ama go raise it up
put it away man am warming up
GI me ma time a go use it up
am focused n't concios a gat vouchers
they vote for me a gat big dreams
a dream bigg
a told u am raising the bar
they tell me to pull up ma recks
rappers they come and they go
a tell em am in it to stay thank u for paving my way
ma verses a running the game
I take time on ma notepad fake nikkers gonna forfeit m under God living life under his contract am in a song hit this rappers with a python strapp
they catching feelings a tell this rappers R.I.P
am still the best tell rthis rappers am a G.O.D

Barman barman am not just a barman
legendary on a next level
Lame nikkers tryiner fight me
a tell em nikkers u behind me put em nikkas in a cascette lord can u hear me oh gad I nid u

Verse 2:BarMan
I don't want this man i nid this
a just wAnna be the one who could do this used to pull up in a song and they bood me who u fooling
no curse words but am survage
ama handle this aga carage
ama do this
man a feel this
this is ma time
man am on it
this a blessings
a been laughed at if u here this now am a conquror
don't come to me with ur attitude
ama humble u
a gat enemies
If u come to me with ur attitude
ama crumble ya
what u laughing at a ain't gat no time for this other cats
look at me am i funny bra
thankx to god am a lambojek
am a 2 on 1 that's a lambojek
look man this hip hop thing is a combert
this other rappers gonna fall dead
cause only me a gat the energy
don't call me out for some Hennessey am no cheeseboy am a hustler a swear to u a gat starmina look man a been a hobo a ran away from home bro na thankx to god am come back na father god a thank u they wanna pose for a photo all ma nikkers doing promo workit out u a bomshell keep working hard in the studio

Barman barman am not just a barman
am legendary on a next level
lame nikkers tryiner fight me
a tell em nikkers u behind me
put em nikkas in a cascette
lord can u hear me
oh gad a nid u

Let me teach all ya nikkas but when come to ma hood thats ma latittude
buh still a aint give u no attitude
but then its a fact u pathatic
al say it again am phanatic
a told u before u a phatty
to music a swear am an addicted