Until im Done

EMIT (Prod. by Azzle Majob)

Azzle Majob ft Nick Mk

Until Im Done (2017)

SUB CHORUS:Azzle Majob
I live the life i deserve
i have a record i produce my self
but first ill be chilling in ma city
yes ill be selling all my cd's course

I emit (ey) X2
i emit my music maniga like huh
i emit (ey) X2

VERSE 1:Azzle Majob
maniga im gussing youre
liking this shit
im killin nigas ontop of tha beat
my vocal is sounding familiar
youre looking like a nigerian kid
first thing,i emit my music
not same as you fake niga busy
attacking me (fuck yall both)
i write music that radio has
to play so you better stop
complaining just pay attention
niga,mom told me something
i never knew,that if i gotta
problem i gadda let it go
please dont guess me boii
i do better than you boii
i wanna sell my alburm
to the whole world,thats why
i dont do lot of acapels
i gat a question for you homie
when did you got a crawn course
yall call your sell a king (nah)
dont guess me boii cause i do
better than you boii

i emit (ey) X2
i emit my music maniga like huh
i emit (ey) X2

VERSE 2:Nick Mk
I dont really know what im doing
i danced when i enter the building
azzle was riding on the beat
the tablet was right here on my
hand,my fingers were doing
the typing,i heared he was talking
about emit,this beat right here
i blame it,its making manigas
to dance,an the ladies are jumpin
the fence,ma haters are upholdin
defence because they know
i aint taking no chance.i grew
hader than physics,on ma mind
is emit.no sweat base i like it
press push homie you make it

I emit (ey) X2
i emit ma music maniga like huh
I emit (ey) X2