Jimmy Choos

Get like,
In my Jimmy Choos (×8)

Shopping sprees, all I ever knew, ah,
Get like shoes, talking Jimmy Choos, ah
Drop out, school, told 'em fuck you, I,
Set out, rules, then you was old, news,
You never knew me like you did, oh,
Talk about who did you kid,
17 years on this Earth I'm like Ooh,
You cannot fuck with the kid,
Oh, I need no hoes in my life, I don't need 'em,
I eat 'em, like Turkish Delight, and it's raw,
Boyfriend come near me I need me a VISA,
I flight out to Congo show how to ball.
Triple that dunk (dunk)
Cripple my blunt (blunt),
Show you whole another me,
Black on my lung (lung),
Smoke out my tongue (tongue)
Cancer not bigger than me,
Yves Saint Laurent (Laurent)
that shit I want (want),
Swipe on my pensioning fees,
Jimmy my choos (choos)
Win it or lose (lose)
I got JC on my feet.

[Hook] (×4)