where my goons

where my goons
latin family
shayzandla production

where my goons
when mary jane took me to the moon
now i salute when you took my girl into your room man
where my shoes
when sippin codeine juice in a jaccuzi
where my goons
where my shoes
gotta toons yeah x2

verse 1:junior

the call me thakid with the piece
i be killing the shit every week
i be breaking virgin like a glass
i didnt know where to stand
am the rap witch on the way
i be turning verses into curses
life is a bitch i be fucking the bitch with no condom
y'all nigga on the come up
y'all nigga with a barmer
shooting the game undercover
messi messi with em ballz ,amma play with em blallz ama problem
y'all niggas who improving , junny tha kid is a proof
gimme a beat lemme prove it
yung nigga with a piece
breaking the shit am looking for key if shoe fit am put six on a beat
fake niggas wanna bury me
they forgot am a seed
they sleeping on me where the coffin
i be killing nigga madantory
yung nigga with a story


verse 2;athemane

where my goons
when i chop cheddar from tycoon
i swear you'll hate but your hate won't push you to the roof
am fucking this rap game prepare me a room
mary jane took to the bright moon
real life is like a woolah woop
it thought i get you what a boom
i see you tryna shoot
i be running four circles amma ride audi
x3 life until you ghost
fb vibe when you post
pictures thats a naked girlfriend who react wow the most
now i gotta call i should be away from home
i got two refrigerated ice two cold
coke too lit yeah
where my goons x3
i should show you how we do
you smocking this niggas are out for gucci

i got a hyena in my pants i eat girls
im the guy drive go vest on tshirt music video
wait until you hear my joints on a radio
a women with ass curved and minds is a genius